Software tools

The company Solutia supplies complete portfolio of IBM products. In addition, we have a great experience with the use of these technologies in both, small and very extensive specific solutions.

Tools for Business Analysis

One of the standards in the area of business reporting -  Cognos Reports - belongs to the IBM portfolio from 2008.

IBM SPSS Statistics 19

Predictive analytic IBM systems provide your company with a grateful tool for estimates of economic indicators, sales, customer satisfaction, etc. SPSS will teach you to foresee and respond to the situation even before it happens.

Information management, databases

Long-time examined database platforms Informix and DB2 supplement the IBM portfolio. We actually do not know anymore what is missing in the portfolio; IBM just offers anything you can imagine within the IT area.

IBM Collaboration Software Pack (Lotus)

Lotus, or IBM Collaboration Software Pack, represents a solution for corporate processes inside and outside the company communication, and innovations in the clearest possible form.


A whole range of solutions available today on the market existed in their authors' heads when Lotus (part of IBM till 1995) and the server platform Domino Server had already been winning the trust of users.



It will help you succeed.


IBM Rational represents unique, complex development tools and standards proven by millions of users. Thanks to the efficient view of the development cycle and examined testing tools, IBM Rational will enable you to use funds invested in the software development with maximum efficiency.


Software tools for the control of services cover four areas in total: solutions for virtualizations and cloud, control of IT services, tools for supervision and control of servers and terminal devices (PC and mobile), and administration of IT assets.

WebSphere integration tools

Advanced tools for system integration, optimization, and IT infrastructure from IBM WebSphere group include: the family of the application server WebSphere, tools for fully controlled deployment IBM Workload Deployer.


Webshpere solution is prepared directly for use in following areas:
  • Banking and financial services,
  • Power engineering and distribution,
  • Health care and medical research,
  • Media,
  • Transport and travelling,
  • Communications,
  • Administration and self-administration,
  • Insurance industry,
  • Retail.