Oracle BI & DWH

Oracle ranks among top suppliers in the area of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouses (DW).

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine

A device that integrates a powerful SUN Oracle hardware designed specially for BI tasks running directly in the memory, with the Oracle software platform Business Intelligence Foundation (OBIF). OBIF currently represents the most complex open integrated solution available on the market.


It includes both, advanced reports and a transparent interface for the tailor-made control and analyses. It also provides services of multidimensional OLAP cubes and the possibility of predictive analysis. The database engine on the device has a form of Oracle TimesTen In Memory Database for Exalytics, which is a very powerful database that stores all data in structures adapted for permanent storage in the memory of the server device.



For advanced operations of OLAP type, a powerful BI tool Essbase has been installed on the Memory Machine. In order to distribute the load and to achieve high availability level, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine supports cluster solutions in both, Active-Active and Active-Passive mode.

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher 11g

It represents a unified web platform for design, administration, and generating of interactive reports and preview screens, up to many types of graphical high-value outputs


Oracle BI Publisher tool provides simple mechanisms for creation of transparent reports and analyses using a simple procedure transferring the required resource to an empty form using the mouse.