Lenovo technologies

The manufacturer Lenovo covers a whole range of terminal devices for both, professional use and genuine fun.

Series of ordinary laptops ThinkPad and workstations ThinkStation was newly supplemented with available, household-designed notebooks ThinkPad Edge, IdeaPad and the basic series Essential.

Even if you are a small company or team and are about to operate a server application, you do not have to look for the equipment from other manufacturers, but use directly Lenovo servers, both, independent and flexible designed for racks.


Notebooks and tablets


ThinkPad tablets, in particular of the robust top series T, and highly mobile seriesX, represent the best combination of a fixed frame and reliable components for the use by demanding and frequently travelling professionals. For small and medium companies and households, notebooks of the series S and L and portable workstations W are designed. Increasing demand for stylish and colour-designed laptops resulted in Ideapad of the series Y, Z , and U, and even Ideapad Yoga s notebook with rotating display that turns your notebook into a practical tablet instantly.

Laptops designed for professional use include an integrated fingerprint scanner for full protection of the data stored against unauthorised access.



Lenovo Tablets

In addition, Lenovo offers compact, highly portable tablets, particularly with the operating system MS Windows. The offer includes both, tablets with attachable base with keyboard Lynx , rotating ThinkPad Twist enabling operation in several different modes, from presentation, watching movies in the airplane, or customer presentation, and also new budget-priced devices with popular Android.

Lenovo desktop computer

For household computers, you may chose from three series - ThinkCentre, IdeaCentre, and Essential, similarly to laptops.


In addition, all three series are supplemented with a combined variant "all-in-one"; you will thus have just a single device  in the modern and stylish design on your desk, and it will also reduce the number of connecting cables.


If you prefer a fixed computer to portable laptop or require an extreme power for your work, you may choose between compact ThinkStation C or high-power workstations S even for demanding graphic tasks.



 The series D would even provide you with a bi-processor solution.

Stylish Lenovo accessories

You may supplement individual product lines Lenovo with stylish accessories – wireless keyboards, mice, or bags protecting your Lenovo laptop against damage on your trips or in case of accidental fall.Solutia is a partner of Lenovo

Solutia is partner of Lenovo

We supply products of Lenovo product lines with full warranty and the greatest support possible directly from the manufacturer, thanks to our partnership with Lenovo and our status of the Lenovo Business Partner.



IBM and Lenovo

After the company Lenovo purchased the computer division from IBM in 2005, the company became the greatest manufacturer in the world.