LANDesk Technologies


We perceive technologies of LANDesk company one of the crucial parts of our business. Therefore we decided to invest in development of a very strong implementation team to the maximum extent and thus guarantee the highest possible quality of supplied solutions and services to the customer.


We offer products from the portfolio of the company LANDesk in four areas: ServiceDesk, centralized management and security control of terminal devices, and control and monitoring of hardware and software.


1st Service Desk


It provides a method how to control IT processes and services, and automate them continuously.


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2nd Centralized management of terminal devices

To be able to manage efficiently and provide support for notebooks, smart phones, tablets, and other encrypted terminal user devices is a very complicated task. For this purpose, we offer LANDesk Management Suite.


The long-term history of the product and continuity of its development is a guarantee of centralized and unified solution that will reduce your demands and cost of administration of terminal devices.


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3rd Security of terminal devices

Security has been one of the most important parts of the IT problem area since the very beginning of IT technologies.


Customers' information systems include their valuable know-how, confidential and sensitive information, or information protected by law.


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4th Control and monitoring of resources


LANDesk Data analytics is a unique tool providing the customer with increased transparency of current cost and planning of future cost of investments in the software and terminal devices.


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Solutia is silver partner of LANDesk

On the market since 1985

The company LANDesk Software,

originally LAN Systems,

was established in 1985.


From its foundation, it belongs to pioneers in the area of central administration of terminal stations and devices and service of desktop solutions. It became even dominating in its field. (source: IDC).


Even today, it ranks among the greatest players in IT services in the world with extremely wide and continuously up-to-date portfolio. There are just a few companies that as LANDesk cover by their products all fifteen processes under ITIL V3.