Consulting and Advisory

Konzultační činnost Solutia

Strategic management and planning

  • Preparing an IT strategy.

  • Preparing and obtaining attestations.

  • Optimization of intra-company processes.

  • Defining the concept of the company's information system in relation to and in full compliance with other strategies.

  • Setting standards and implementing respective methodologies.

  • Revision of subject-matters of the contracts and agreements concluded.

  • Revision and assessment of contractual relations.

  • Preparation of financial plans including prognosis of the above IS/ICT expenses for the following period.

  • Definition and documentation of risks, support in preparation of countermeasures.

Design advisory

  • Opposition proceedings of financial budgets for the whole project and partial orders of the work supplied.
  • Preparation of key details for entering into contractual relations with contractors.
  • Critical assessment of contracts before their conclusion.
  • Professional opposition proceeding of project goals.
  • Financial assessment as regards to utilization efficiency of invested funds.
  • Specific assessments according to project types.

Support in implementation of standards

  • Analysis and optimization of the existing software.
  • Consulting services in the area of integration of the existing communication and technological infrastructure.
  • Assessment and consideration of systems for quality assurance, ecology, safety of information and IT services in compliance with applicable standards:
    • ISO 9001,
    • ISO 14,001,
    • ISO 27,001,
    • ISO 20,000,


Consulting in the integration area


  • Consulting services in other area of integration of the existing SW.
  • Planning and implementation of information systems.
  • Functional assessment of the solution, architecture, or suitability of the designed technology.


Consulting in the area of architecture design of customer's IS


  • Processing customer's requirements for the demanded nature of the IS
  • IS analysis
  • Design of IS architecture including suitable technologies
  • Preparation of financial and time exigency of the customer's project


Consulting in the area of preparation of client's tenders

  • Consultation in creation or creation of the specification according to customer's ideas and demands
  • Taking legal, financial, and technical aspects into account within the tender
  • Preparation of the project plan for realization of the solution required
  • Monitoring the realization process on the part of the client


Professional assessment of draft solutions of Customer's demand


  • Opposition proceeding and technical assessment of the designed technology
  • Quality assessment of the designed solution
  • Assessment of financial expediency of offers
  • Consulting and processing of customer's requirements
  • Assessment of security aspects

Solutia Team

Our specialists have been operating as consultants for more than fifteen years.


They have participated in implementation of large billing solutions, logistic systems, they have implemented design offices or developed IT strategies for large companies in the Czech Republic and abroad